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Friday, April 29, 2016

Beauty on the Go

Here are more fabulous tips from the French Beauty Solution. These are tips that author Mathilde Thomas follows while she is traveling.They are really informative.

* Moisturize your face as well as your entire body before getting on the plane. Really slather it on. In fact, you can use a thin layer of a moisturizing mask instead of your regular cream and keep it on during your entire flight. Don't forget your lips and hands- use a thick cream on your hands and reapply often.

* Once you get to your seat, change the time on your watch to the time at your destination as you board your flight. This mental trick helps you adjust and minimizes jet lag. 

* I never leave home without my earplugs and sleeping mask.

* Try not to eat while flying, if possible. I know this is tough, especially if you have a long flight, but airplane food tens to be very unhealthy, and is often overlooked with sodium and other preservatives that can cause you to store water and become very bloated. (Not to mention that excessive sodium levels are terrible for heart health, as they raise your blood pressure.) If your flight is very long and you know you'll get hungry, bring food such as apples and bananas, if possible, as they are satiating and easy to digest. 

* Drink plenty of water. Then drink more! As much as I try to avoid bottled water, this is the one time where bringing a large bottle with me is a must. Stay away from anything carbonated, as it can leave you extra-bloated. 

* One glass of red wine at most. I know it is fare more potent at altitude and extremely dehydrating. Still, I love my nightly glass of red wine, so I have one small glass, especially if it's a night flight, as it helps me sleep. 

These are some great tips and can help you enjoy your flight!

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