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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A French Beauty Secret ~ 2

I am finishing up the last few chapters in The French Beauty Solution and it has been a wonderful book! I have been sharing different tips and educational information from this book for the last several months.

This is a fabulous tip that I read a few weeks ago that I wanted to share.

Take a tip from chic Parisians and spray a cotton handkerchief with your favorite fragrance and keep it in your handbag. Everything will smell divine each time you open your bag. You can also place a scented handkerchief inside your leather gloves to scent them as well. And take another tip from Marilyn Monroe, who famously kept her Chanel No. 5 in the fridge in The Seven Year Itch. Perfume should never be stored in the bathroom or on a shelf near a window, as heat and humidity affect the potency of the scent. ~ Mathilde Thomas 

What a fabulous tip! To read more about this book check out my other blog posts here and here.

My Kate Spade tote, see here if you are interested. I sprayed my Valentino handkerchief with my bottle of Philosophy Amazing Grace. Wonderful!

(photo Mrs. Shockley)

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