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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Insta ~ Inspiration (Instagramers I Follow)

Inspiration is everywhere! We have so many websites and apps now that help us in making life beautiful. I have to admit that Pinterest and Instagram are my favorites!

There are a lot of creative people in the world and I have my favorites on Instagram. So I thought I would share who I am following on Instagram and once you check out their page you will be inspired too!

He is so dapper!! I love his style!

I wrote about her fantastic style also, see here.

I wrote a blog post about her see here.

I wrote a post about her, see here.

I love her. She has become my best friend online!

She has great jewelry!

I love their iconic chinoiserie wallpaper! 

She has a wonderful blog also! 

I love her travels!

Another fellow blogger that I follow.

They have some of the best silver! So classic!

She is a fantastic blogger!

She is author of the fantastic book My Stylish French Girlfriends.
I wrote about it here.

She is such a great decorator of blue and white!
I admire her so much!

My favorite author (of course) Jennifer L. Scott
I continue to write about her books on the blog.

She is a great fashionista and has a great blog also!

And last but certainly not least my favorite business mogul Laura Slatkin and she is following me on Instagram! Talk about a honor!

(all photos via Instagram)

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