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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Being Elegant During Public Speaking

Public speaking always seems to be a dangerous job but one can accomplish this task with great elegance. I am always nervous when I speak in front of people but then I do some "self talk" and remind myself of who I am and what goal I am trying to accomplish.

I am narrowing down to the last few chapters of Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic. In this week's reading Jennifer L. Scott gave 5 tips for public speaking:

1) Own the space:
Whether you are on stage or standing at the head of a table, get comfortable in the space as quickly as possible. Act as if you belong there (because you do)!

2) Good posture:
All eyes will be on you. Your good posture is important now more than ever. Stand tall.

3) Project:
Make sure everyone can hear what your're saying by speaking clearly and projecting your voice toward the back of the room. Rather than speaking from you throat, picture speaking from your belly. Let your words come out with strength and volume.

4) Don't be afraid to move:
Avoid deer- caught-in-the-headlights syndrome by moving. It's okay to gesture with your hands and to walk around (if appropriate). If you are being filmed, ask the director to define the parameters of your movement. 

5) Make a connection:
Whether you are pitching a job to potential clients or touting the merits of you best friend at her wedding, the entire point of public speaking is to make a connection with your audience. You have been asked to speak because you have something to impart that could benefit your viewers. Don't make speech about you, make it about what you can give. 

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