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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Speaking Well ~Polish Your Poise

I am still reading Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott. Her books are always wonderful reads! The section that I want to share today is Ways to Practice Good Diction.

Jennifer gives 11 ways to clean up your language and to speak with clarity and intelligence. I have been on a quest to become an elegant bearing woman and in today's society it is NOT easy.

Rude people are everywhere and always want to challenge "your elegance". But we must remain strong and continue on the right path.

Here are her tips:

1) Become an avid reader

2) Read classic literature

3) Learn a new word each day and use it in your speech

4) Listen to yourself when you speak

5) Eliminate vulgarities

6) Avoid excessive use of "like" and "um"

7) Avoid slang in most social situations but sill remain au courant with the culture

8) Pause (and think!) before you speak

9) Become okay with silence

10) Listen to audiobooks and be inspired by the eloquent readers

11) If you're feeling nervous in a social setting, choose silence over mindless babbling 

I love these tips and would encourage everyone to include them in your thinking. It's a rude world out there let's try to overcome it!

(photos via Google, text author Jennifer L. Scott)

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