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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Simple Rigatoni

I keep a dinner rotation list so that there is none of the "what's for dinner" questions  when I get home from work.

I shop for the same items every week and it makes preparing meals very easy. On the list is my simple rigatoni meal.

I just boil a box of rigatoni noodles, warm up some Ragu spaghetti sauce (meat flavored). Most nights my husband and I have meat in ours so I will brown some ground beef in a skillet and pour the sauce over it. Add some garlic salt and basil for seasoning. My daughter doesn't like much meat so with her's we just add the sauce and basil.

Once the noodles are done I pour the sauce over the noodles, sprinkle some cheese, bake some french bread and Voila. Dinner is served! I still use my dishes and cloth napkins. It keeps dinner nice and simple. Enjoy!

(photo via AHFE)

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