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Monday, January 11, 2016

Lunch at the Ayres Tea Room

The L.S. Ayres store was the focal point of downtown Indianapolis. People would stand in line to have lunch at the Tea Room. It was the Tea Room that epitomized the Ayers experience. Now with our fast food saturated culture, the Tea Room was more than a quick bite to eat. It was about waitresses who knew regular customers by name and food preferences. It was about real china, clean tablecloths and fresh flowers. It was about a menu rich in elegant, yet comfortable, food- chicken velvet soup, apricot bread, chicken pot pie, club sandwiches and chicken salad. ~S.L. Berry 

My boss took me to lunch there for the first time after Christmas. I was in heaven. The atmosphere was elegant but not over the top. It was sensible, friendly and classy. I adore the room. It was not too noisy, and not crowded. It was shear perfection! I made reservations for my family after church service. They enjoyed it! Especially the chicken velvet soup. I will be returning again very soon.

The room, lovely isn't it?

The waiting area

I love the wallpaper.

The classic chicken velvet soup! The recipe is 110 years old. 

The chicken pot pie with pastry crust! Scrumptious! 

The tea experience, it was lovely. 

Dessert, very good!

(photos via AHFE)

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