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Monday, December 14, 2015

Scarf Tying Ideas

The scarf is such an essential tool in a woman's wardrobe. I have several in baskets in my closets. I also keep a basket in my car full of scarfs and pashminas. 

Last year I wrote an entry (see here) about ways to tie a scarf. Maitai has several great videos about how to tie her luxurious Hermes scarves. Oh, gosh I always swoon over her collection. It's just de toute beaute. 

I recently purchased this gorgeous scarf from Ann Taylor Loft. Along with the scarf came this very nice instructional tag on how to tie a scarf. I thought I would share it....

The model wearing the "classic" look. 

I love this look.

Me with the Ann Taylor Loft petaled square scarf

Below is a video from my favorite author Jennifer L. Scott on how to tie a scarf using the butterfly knot.

(photos via Ann Taylor, Google and AHFE)

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