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Monday, November 23, 2015

Being the Perfect House Guest

The time is drawing near for the holidays and being someone's house guest maybe on your list for this holiday season. Real Simple magazine has a great list called 10 Ways to be the Ideal Houseguest.

This is a great list that one can use to master the art of house guest etiquette. You don't want to ruin your chances of being uninvited to your friend's beautiful colonial in New York (my friend's home in New York see here).

1) Be clear about how long you will stay ~ 
Make sure you lock down your visiting dates far in advance with your hosts.....

2) No surprises please~ 
Never show up unannounced

3) Choose the perfect gift~
Proper guest etiquette requires a gift.  Try a delicious delicacy from your hometown or a flowering plant....

4) House Rules Rule
When you arrive gently inquire about how things are done to avoid any misunderstandings.....

5) Be Appropriate
Everybody has different comfort levels when it comes to baring. Before you walk down the hall in your shower towel - take cues from your host, when in doubt err on the side of modesty. 

6) Help Out
You should offer to help cook; set the table and do dishes; drive everyone in your car. Even if you are turned down your hosts will appreciate the gesture. 

7) Entertain Yourself
Your hosts still has a life and may have to work during the day. If so do some exploring on your own and let your hosts know what your plans are. 

8) BYO (Bring Your Own)
Don't expect to use your hosts' toiletries or other items. If you have forgotten to pack toothpaste inquire about where you can buy one. 

9) Leave No Trace
If there is one thing to take from these tips, it should be this: leave the place as clean as possible when you go.    

If you want to read more about this list then visit the link above. Also, if you missed my entry about Preparing for Guest see here.

(all photos via Pinterest)