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Friday, October 2, 2015

My Stylish French Girlfriends ~ An Inspiring Book

Okay, so I have been hearing about this book for a couple of months now and I just received my copy last week. Let me tell you that I am already half way through the book! I can't put it down. It is just that fascinating to me!

I love reading all the stories about each girlfriend and how they accomplished their dreams. Sharon Santoni is the author if this charming book and the author of the blog My French Country Home. She talks about 20 of her stylish girlfriends. She goes and visits their grand chateau's, parisian apartments and businesses. They are florists, painters, writers, wedding dress designers, and so on and so on. I am so inspired by these women.

Sharon deliberately sought out women from all over the country, reaching from Calais in the north to Provence in the south. Each girlfriend was chosen because she has a story to tell and a great lifestyle to portray.

You should definitely purchase a copy of this book. It is a wonderful example of women inspiring women.

Celestina, one of the girlfriends.

Inspiring table setting from the book

Video of the photo shoot for the book 

(photos via Google)

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