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Monday, October 26, 2015

Feminine Scents

I love trying new scents or learning about new products. I am always a little apprehensive but I try to be open-minded when it comes to products.

About two years ago I discovered a gorgeous bubble bath by Philosophy called Candy Cane. This lightly scented bubble bath gel gives you the boast that you need in the morning to "wake up". It is so refreshing and sweet. I love smelling it after my baths in the morning.

Another scent that I have discovered recently is Chloe. Oh my goodness is this fabulous! It smells very clean and very feminine. I sprayed some on at the mall then my husband and I went to Best Buy. The salesman there that was assisting us stopped in the middle of this sentence and said, "Wow you smell wonderful". I thought, okay this is good. So I will definitely been buying a bottle very soon.

These are the scents that I will be wearing this winter and I hope that this will inspire you to go out and test the waters. Enjoy!!!

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