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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The French Way of Eating

I always wondered how the French manage to keep their gorgeous figures and still enjoy life. I know here in America overeating is a severe problem. I have to constantly tell myself, "Listen, you don't have to eat all this food that they are putting on your plate". The restaurant portion sizes is just out of control! And I have heard some people say that they think they are too small!!!

Well, I refuse to let food conquer me! I want to enjoy beautiful meals but I am not going to let food control me. I was reading French Essence and Vicki wrote about The French Way.

She talked about how she went to her aesthetician and discussed how the French eat.  Her aesthetician had some excellent advise....

Nothing changed in that she stressed the word moderation over and over. Her way is not about denial but the timing, quantities and combinations of how we eat. 

If we feel the desire to consume less than the ideal, eat it early and not too often. Depriving ourselves can make a diet difficult to maintain. Eating in a healthy way, maintaining our weight and setting up eating practices for the future are the way this French woman thinks. 

You must finish reading the article. It is an absolute eye opener.

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  1. I love this topic Mrs. Shockley! You are right about those large portions in restaurants. I've lost a total of 30 pounds over the last two years. I started eating my food on salad plates. Doing this allowed me smaller portions, but room to go back for seconds which equals to one dinner plat. I must read the rest of this article.

    1. That is a great idea! I love that!!! Congrats on your weight loss! It takes a lot of discipline to lose weight.