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Monday, August 17, 2015

Things that Make You Age

This past July a wonderful book was released called The French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas. I went to my local bookstore to take a peek at it too see if it was worth my purchasing. And I have had it a few weeks now and all I can say is Wow!

I have really enjoyed this book! For the next few weeks I will share some parts from some of the chapters. One section in the book that I just recently read was called, " What makes you look old". Here author Mathilde lists a few things that Frenchwomen try to avoid:

1. Foundation that's too thick, too obvious, or that isn't blended well. Having your face be a different tone from your neck or the rest of your body is a definite non. 

2. A super-matte, powdered face.

3. Eyebrows that are too thin or the wrong shape for your face.

4. Neon or super- bright colors. Soften your palette as you get older.

5. Lip liner that is obvious, especially if it's darker than your lipstick.

6. Yellow teeth

7. Not eating well. When you starve yourself into thinness, it shows on your face. Or when you deprive yourself of delicious food, it makes you feel and look pinched.

8. Not getting enough sleep.

9. Too much stress

10. Not being dynamic. Being out of shape is an instant ager.

These are just a few from the list. I will share more from the book as I continue to read it. It is a wonderful book and I would encourage anyone to buy it!

The author Mathilde Thomas

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