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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Favorite Blog ~French Essence

I love finding great blogs! Especially, when they are about France! I have a fascination with this country. I just love everything about it. I love how they dress, eat and live. So when I stumbled upon Vicki Archer author of French Essence I felt like I was in heaven!

Vicki is an Australian writer who lives between London and Saint R√©my de Provence in southern France. Her blog is so wonderful. I love her lists including this one called Spring-Cleaning: The Way to Rework An Interior

jacques grange french interior designer

jacques grange french interior designer

Her tips called  The Best Kept Beauty Secrets is fantastic. Here is a snippet from her Self-Confidence secret:

Self confidence is by far the most seductive of beauty weapons 
but the hardest to capture.
Self confidence takes dedication, practice and emotional energy. 
It requires bravery at times and a continual faith in ourselves.
Even the most confident of women falter and have times of self doubt.
We all know that some years are better than others.

Self confidence not only makes us appear more beautiful to the outside world 
but also happier and more content within. 
Contentment is the first step to self confidence.
Accepting who we are or working towards who we wish to become will help us to 
become more self assured.

Or you can check out her Summer Party in Provence article. It is magnificent!

Provence, Mas de Berard, Vicki Archer  

Provence, Mas de Berard, Vicki Archer

Whatever entry you stumble on you will be amazed at how well written 
and how beautiful the photos are. So visit French Essence and be inspired!!!

(all photos via Vicki Archer)

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