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Monday, July 20, 2015

French Style

I am always looking for ways to bring beauty into my home on a budget. A lot of times it takes great imagination to see past things. My friend's say that I have that gift but I think that I am still learning. While reading French Style, I came across these great tips on how to continue my education on creating beauty.

~ Keep it simple if you really want to dazzle. Understatement can truly speak volumes.

<3 Of course, this is in France, my home land. Mediterranean style and plants continue to be my inspiration for our backyard in my adoptive California.

~ Look for older items on the street or at markets. You can transform a throwaway into a masterpiece.

Is your decorating style more French, more British or more American?  Take this simple test and see :)

~ Choose materials that are easy to use and easy to update.

~ Look at the light in your house and play with color to achieve dramatic results. The use of mirrors can add both light and depth to a room.

How To Decorate Like a Parisian from apartment therepy. Get the tips in how to decoarate in the Parisian style. I think the tips are great but ignore the bit about keeping walls white. Europeans embracve color that we north americans are terrified of.

~ Utilize fabrics, patterns and textures that match the palette of your home.

French Rustic Chic Bedroom | Irvine Home Blog ᘡղbᘠ

~ With collections and relics remember less is more. Organize with a theme in mind to make a statement.

kitchen with glazed white cabinetry

~  Bring natural elements into your home buy employing fresh flowers, large windows and open doors.

Text by Kristin J. Webb-Hollering, French Style Magazine 
Images via Pinterest 

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