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Monday, July 13, 2015

Buying Luxury Bags

I started buying designer bags around 2010. I was influenced by my mother in law. I had just attended a giant flea market and of course they were selling replica handbags. I purchased about 4 replica Coach bags. I was so excited about these purchases that I wanted to show my mother in law.

She looked at the bags and asked how much I had paid for them. I told her and she looked at me and said, " For what you spent on these four bags you could have taken your money and added about $50 more and purchased the real thing". When she said that it hit me like a ton of bricks because honestly, she was right. 

The quality of the replica bags does not and can never compare to the "real" thing. So I took my mother in law's advice and started purchasing quality handbags. That was 5 years ago and I have not looked back since. I love having my higher quality handbags. 

I have Coach, 3 Kate Spade, 3 Michael Kors, and one Dooney & Bourke. I have recently added Louis Vuitton to my collection!!! I am so excited about my Louis!!! My grandmother had them in the 80's but when she died in 1999 her bags came up missing. We still don't know where they are to this day. 

Tradesy helped me in accomplishing my goal of owning a Louis Vuitton. Tradesy is a company that allows sellers and buyers to purchase and sell designer accessories. Tradesy stands by their company policy which is " knockoff's are a no, no"! I spoke with a rep twice before making my purchase. I also communicated with the seller. She was absolutely wonderful. The process was easy and the payment arrangements are great! If you visit Tradesy and have your eye on a beautiful handbag you don't have it pay it all at once. You can opt for the payment plan option with Affirm. 

It is painless and easy. I highly recommend it if that is the way you want to go. But I do want to say that it is credit driven so if all is well in that arena for you then start your payment plan and enjoy your luxury handbag! 

My Louis Vuitton Sac Plat tote that I purchased from Tradesy. 
It is from 2008 and in wonderful condition. 

These are other items that I love on Tradesy

Photos via Tradesy and my own

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