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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Elegant Wingback Headboard

I have been trying to find a new bed set for the longest time! Last year my husband and I did some furniture shopping for our home (see that entry here). This weekend we went to a store called At Home. They sell wonderful home decor items for excellent prices!

We found our new bed set there. It is called the Alexander Wing Back bed set. We love it!!! I am trying to get rid of some of the dark colored furniture in our home and bringing in some clean bright colors.

Our old bed

Our new bed

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Your new bed is lovely Mrs. Shockley. The wingback shape is elegant and timeless in style. I truly enjoy reading your blog and viewing your lovely pics on Instagram.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Shery! It took me two days to make my mind up about this bed but I am glad I did! Thank you for the compliment! Some days I don't know if I should keep blogging or not. I do enjoy your pics on Instagram too!!!