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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Perfume Dos & Don'ts

We all love perfume and have our favorites but there are some do's and don'ts that you should know. I came across an article in the December 2008 Better Home and Gardens magazine that gave 5 reasons about how to wear perfume.

* Don't
Over-douse yourself. Spritzing yourself over and over in the morning doesn't make a fragrance last all day. Instead, reapply sparingly at 6-hour intervals. And as a rule, perfume should never be noticeable beyond an arm's length.

* Do
Combine your scents. Mix up your fragrance wardrobe by layering different aromas-a lovely, original scent may emerge.

* Do
Store perfume with care. Most fragrances will last for years, provided you keep them away from extreme temperatures and heat, which can alter and "turn" the scent.

* Don't
Buy a fragrance because you liked it on someone else, Scents smell different on each person, depending on her body chemistry, how dry or oily her skin is, and even what she ate for dinner the night before. Try it on your own skin if possible.

* Don't
Buy perfume on the street. You can't be sure of the source or even if it's the real thing, turning a bargain into a blunder quickly.

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