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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Details of Estee Lauder's Bedroom

Last month I purchased Aerin Lauder's book Beauty at Home and it has been absolutely stupendous! I have really enjoyed reading about the history of the Lauder Family and Estee's home. On page 191 of the book Aerin explains in detail Estee's room. These details were so profound to me I just had to copy it from the book and share it....

Estee's devotion to blue and white was clear in everything she touched, from the design of a jar of face cream right down to the Porthault linens on her bed.......

She preferred twin beds- both of the original bedrooms had them- and these are French, made of white-painted wood.

On the bedside table she would always have a pad of paper with matching pen, a vase of flowers, family photographs, and a white porcelain lamp- the more ornate, the better.....

But my favorite thing in the room is Estee's Louis XVI-style dressing table. When Eric and I first came here to stay and I opened the drawers, her hairbrushes and combs, her lipsticks and sunglasses were still there- as if she had never left. On top of the table was an array of perfumes. She felt every woman should have a wardrobe of fragrances- one floral, one spicy, one sporty, one black-tie formal. A silver tray held a selection of compacts-golden, enameled, sometimes set with semiprecious stones. She was a genius at packaging and she knew how alluring a pretty compact could be. Some, shaped like Faberge eggs, held solid perfume. 

The book to me, is a must have for those of us who love beauty and the details that come in making it.

Estee's dresser

The beautiful details

Some of Aerin's decor products

The master bedroom in Estee's home. Adore....

(all photos & text via Beauty at Home)

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