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Friday, March 6, 2015

My Daughter's Flower Arranging Birthday Party

My daughter turned 10 recently!!! I can't believe it myself. It still shocks me to know that I have a 10 year old! Well, her birthday parties have become a full time job and I have to always come up with ideas for her and her friends to have fun.

I saw this idea on Style Me Pretty last year. I thought "how cute is that, a flower arranging party for girls". Yes!!! It was so simple and the girls loved it!! See below....

I purchased some mason jars from our local Michaels store. They were on sale for .88!

I then went to my local grocery store and picked up some flowers.
They were really inexpensive and pretty!

I purchased some spring stickers from the craft store and the
girls placed them on their jars.

They were having a lot of fun!!!

The snacks for the girls!

I love these!! I purchased them about 5 years ago from the Christmas Tree Shop.
They are great! I have used them for several parties!!

Of course I had to get an arrangement out of this myself!

Thanks for reading!!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. The girls are so adorable! I'm sure they enjoyed their flowers. You did a wonderful job on the decorations. I know what you mean, you suddenly look and they are not babies anymore.

    1. Thank you! The girls did enjoy it. They couldn't wait to get home to put them next to their beds.

  2. Wow, I am pretty sure that all the girls enjoyed this birthday party. I like the idea of using that DIY ladybug. Lately, I had been to the flower events in SF. It was a breath-taking show. The best thing is that the show was organize at my favorite venues in San Francisco.

    1. Thank you Mark for stopping by! I wish we had some flower events. That would be fantastic!