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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Making of My Shelfie

I heard the term "shelfie" sometime last year while reading some of my favorite blogs and thought, "what in the world is a shelfie"? To me a shelfie is a small space in your home to place things that you love. You can use books, bowls, plants, pictures, boards, statutes, basically just about anything.

It's how they are placed that determines the beauty. I think if you have an eye for beauty and organization you can decorate a "shelfie". It's all about personal style and things you love. I believe that you should always use things that you love in your decor. So for my shelfie I used just that. See for yourself.

(My shelfie)

Okay, this is a file cabinet that was moved into my office a week ago. So I decorated the top of it as my "shelfie". I used my poster board photo that I found at the Goodwill last year. I purchased some frames from the flea market and printed some photos off of Pinterest and placed them in the frames. Gorgeous pictures aren't they? Then I purchased some branches and tall flowers and placed them in a vase. I added a blue and white cup for my decor and color. I placed my new Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home book (which I love) on the cabinet and I thought my Amazon Kindle (1st generation) looked good there also. I love my "shelfie" because it's another extension of me. 

Thanks for reading!!!

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