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Monday, February 23, 2015

Interview Yourself about Your Passions

One of my favorite bloggers Shannon Ables from the Simply Luxurious Life wrote a book called "Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life": A Modern Woman's Guide. I downloaded a sample onto my Amazon Kindle to see what the book is all about. So far.... I love it!! I especially love the questions that Shannon presents about life. I found the questions about finding your passions extremely intriguing. I found myself answering the questions as I was reading them. I think they are very helpful in finding some truth about yourself. Read the questions below and see if you can figure out what your passions in life are.

* What am I doing when I lose track of time?

* What am I most often complimented on?

* What do others look to me for?

* What do I have the most fun doing?

* What makes me feel great about myself?

* What am I naturally good at?

* What do I most often give to others?

* What ideas, things, places and people am I most inspired by?

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