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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be Elegant Everyday

I always make sure that I look my very best everyday. I always pick out a nice blouse, skirt, shoes and then I add my accessories. I wear perfume everyday.

But being elegant does not mean you have to have money or beauty. The only thing that is required is good taste. Earlier last year I read a book called A Guide to Elegance. It gives several tips on how to be elegant and what it means to be chic. In the chapter called "Budget" it mentions this:

"With careful co-ordination, good taste, and self -restraint, even a tiny budget can permit you to be surprisingly well-dressed. For example, here is an outline of a complete but basic minimum wardrobe.

For the Winter:

1 basic coat

1 black skirt

1 sweater in a complementary color- for example beige or brown

1 silk sweater, black or white, with a pretty neckline

1 pair of back high-heeled pumps

1 pair of flats

1 black leather handbag

1 pearl necklace

With these few items, you will be equipped for work and dates. Below are some chic examples. Enjoy!!

Gorgeous photo of Carolina Herrera and her daughters.

I love Carolina's basic but chic outfits!

My gemstone faceted necklace from Talbots

I love everything about this picture. Chic....

The talented and chic Aerin Lauder. I love the simplicity of this outfit.

This would be great on the weekends. 

(photos via Pinterest)

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