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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sample Cleaning Schedule

I love cleaning my home! I know that may sound weird but I do enjoy it. I posted a blog entry about Home-keeping with a Pet in April (see here) if you missed it. I have my own cleaning schedule and it helps me keep my home in order. While reading At Home with Madame Chic, author Jennifer L. Scott gave a sample cleaning schedule. I love cleaning schedules! Now you don't have to create the same schedule but this list just gives you an idea of what a cleaning schedule for your home could be. Below is the list and also a video from Ms. Nikki. Enjoy!!!

Monday: Laundry (darks, and dedicates), dust, vacuum, mop floors, empty all trash

Tuesday: Laundry (whites and towels), ironing, bathrooms

Wednesday: Dust, vacuum, wash windows, change children's sheets

Thursday: Kitchen detail cleaning, empty all trash

Friday: Change master bedroom sheets, dust, vacuum

To watch this video on your mobile click here.

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