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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Host a Simple Pretty Party

Hosting lovely parties is a favorite activity of mine. I love having friends over (whenever I can find the time) just to talk and have some sweets. I found some beautiful ideas recently from party host extraordinaire Danielle Rollins. I wrote about her in May (see here)

I know for me I love wearing a beautiful simple dress, a necklace and sparkly earrings. Having candles lit all over my home. Placing fresh towels in the guest bathroom, arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers and preparing my fruit salad, drinks, and other simple dishes.

I keep telling myself, I need to plan at least one small party with some friends and that does not include my daughter's birthday party! So I believe this year I will do it and try to make it a habit. Until then enjoy the inspiration.....

I love what she is wearing. So chic....

Beautiful table setting from Danielle Rollins

Oh my, these look delicious!

Pull out the pretty glasses!

Make your flower arrangement for your table

Present tea & treats to your girlfriends and have a little chat!

(all images via Google)

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