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Monday, January 26, 2015

Be Someone of Quality

I follow quite a few blogs and one of them is called The Simply Luxurious Life by Shannon Ables. Shannon is such an excellent writer and has a new book out called Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life

I can't wait to get a copy! In November, Shannon published an article about "Why Not...Be Unforgettable". I just loved this article. I actually printed it out and kept it in my bag for a few weeks. The entire article is great but I will have to say number 4 stuck with me the most......

4. Be Someone of Quality
Refuse to be a follower playing it safe because you are afraid of being singled out or because you haven’t figured out your own path. Establish what you need in your life to function at your best. Whether it is the food you eat, how much sleep you need or the ethical standards you refuse to break.
Most importantly, come to understand why you do what you do. Have a purpose, a reason, for the direction you are taking in your life.

People don’t all have to approve of your own standards, but know why your live the way you do. Because no matter how hard you defend your decisions to someone who doesn't accept them based on their own belief system, you’ll never get them to see eye to eye. But so long as you know why, and you are at peace with your reasons, you will leave many with an unforgettable impression that you are someone with thoughtful principles and resolute courage.

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