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Monday, November 10, 2014

Elevator Etiquette

Okay, elevator etiquette is something that I consider to be very important. I work in a skyscraper so I ride an elevator a lot! I always make sure I hold the door open if I see someone coming and I always so hello to the person getting on. I noticed that now with these smart phones no one wants to talk to anyone.

It's rather annoying. Everyone grabs their phone to distract themselves until they get off. What's wrong with talking to people? I like getting on the elevator after dealing with the rude individuals on the road and talking to someone about fashion or decor or just life. It's like a breath of fresh air when someone talks to me on the elevator. I understand that as a safety measure you can't always talk to some people but most of the time we know who we can and who we can't.

Below is a list of rules for elevator etiquette. I saw this on Town and Country and really enjoyed it. Also, watch the video below from author Jennifer L. Scott about etiquette and if you missed my blog entry about other places to be elegant see here  and here . Enjoy!!!

1. Ladies First

2. Zip the Lip (Elevator rides are not meant for cell phone conversations)

3. Move to the back (Move to the back so that everyone can file in an orderly fashion) 

4. Le snack (Don't eat your lunch on the elevator) 

5. Remember there is a camera

6. "Can you hold the door please?"

7. The Exit Strategy (In the back of an elevator and your stop is next? No problem, simply say, "Pardon me, this is my floor".)

8. Plain old pleasant (Use the following pleasantries, "Good Morning"and  "Have a great day". Kindness always makes the world a better place.) 

To watch this on your mobile click here.

(photo via google; video via Daily Connoisseur) 

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