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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thank you.....

This is a last post but I wanted to say thank you for those of you who have been reading my blog. I started this blog this year in March and it has been a wonderful outlet for me.

I love communicating with different readers and people around the world. It has been fantastic and I want to say thank you very much!!! I am grateful.....

Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Barbie Christmas Tree

I love Christmas and I have started to decorate for it. I put up about 4 Christmas trees each year. One of my favorites is the Barbie Christmas tree. I started buying Barbie ornaments about 10 years ago. They sold them at the Hallmark store but they discontinued the line about 2 years ago. My mother in law has a Barbie Christmas tree that she started about 30 years ago and was the inspiration for mine.

I wanted my daughter to have a Barbie Christmas tree. I wanted something to pass along to her. She loves it and so do I! I wish the Hallmark store still sold them. We were very sad when the stopped. Below are some photos of it. Enjoy!! 

Our Barbie Christmas Tree!!

I love our pink star. I found it at T.J. Maxx for $6 a few years ago!

I love the ornaments. I love the pearl garland I found at Menards. 
My daughter found the Barbie Dorothy one at an antique store

These ornaments are The Little Mermaid, Disney's Brave, Fancy Nancy, 
& Cinderella. 

This ornament was a great find! I purchased this at the Hallmark store.
It's a giant Barbie head with hair accessories . The Barbie in tweed is great also!

In this photo is Barbie the Rockstar, Cinderella, the shoe chandelier, 
& my Victorian home. 

The "Good Witch" from the Wizard of Oz. 

Another shoe chandelier and candy house.  

I forgot which Barbie's these were but both are beautiful. 
I love the Barbie closet ornament. So chic....

And last but certainly not least the poodle skirt that sits under the tree.
I love it!

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Art in the Office

Pinterest truly inspires us all. I am always on there looking for ideas and inspiration. I stumbled on this photo recently. I was so inspired by all the art photos above the desk.

What's funny is that I looked above my desk and realized that I was already putting up art above it. I just smiled and thought, "Well at least my idea has been confirmed". So now I will continue to put art above my desk and when I look up it will be magical....

My office is on the left. The Pinterest photo is on the right. 
I found this interesting.....

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Aloe Vera Plant

When I was about 18 I had a mentor named Stephanie. I thought Stephanie was the best thing ever!! She introduced me to so many things. I learned how to be elegant because of her, I learned about great work ethic and I learned how to handle people.

She always ate well and dressed well. Her posture was superb as well as her attitude. Stephanie had an aloe vera plant in her office. One day she got a cut on her finger and went to the plant. I watched her break of one of the limbs and apply the cream from the plant to her finger.

I was just amazed by this. I had never seen it before. I always kept that in my mind. I mentioned it to my husband some time ago. He found an aloe vera plant for me a few weeks go. I guess he remembered.

I have really enjoyed having this plant. It has inspired others to look for it. But every time I stare at it, it reminds me of my beautiful mentor Stephanie.....

My aloe vera plant

Friday, November 21, 2014

Poinsettia Accessories

I love thrift store shopping. I look at everything! Now since the holidays are approaching everything "Christmasie" is being put out. I have been inspired to look for poinsettia brooches. I have been fortunate enough to find two.

One I found on Ebay and the other at a near by thrift store. The thrift store has tons of old "grandma" brooches. If you are on the hunt for one I would encourage you to visit your nearest thrift store. Great treasures await!

I love this poinsettia brooch! I found it at a thrift store for $3!

(The gray polish is great to!)

I found this poinsettia brooch on Ebay last year! Very festive!

These are the matching earrings to the poinsettia brooch. 
The combination looks great together!!
I only paid $7.99 for both!

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hope in a Jar (Night Cream)

Oh winter! How I hate thee! My skin gets so dry. Since I am getting older I can't get away with not moisturizing.  Last year my friend Kim introduced me to Philosophy! It's a wonderful skin care and fragrance line.

I must admit when it comes to beauty products I don't like to try anything! But this company has certainly changed my mind. I noticed that I had these dark spots on my face and I could not get rid of them. I took a closer look and realized that they were dry spots!

Kim told me about Hope in a Jar. It is a facial moisturizing cream and it certainly does wonders! I purchased my jar at Von Maur and I have been smitten ever since! I use it twice a day and my face has improved! The dark spots are gone and my face is soft. I have purchased more products from Philosophy and I sing their praises. I adore the company. If you want to read my blog entries about the products I use see here and here. Enjoy!!!

My jars at home

The cream; looks glorious doesn't it?

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fuzzy Throws Around the Home

Since November is here and we know that winter is on it's way, it's time to pull out the warm fuzzy throws. I love having them around my home. My daughter and two step-sons enjoy them also. They are so affordable now.

T.J. Maxx has tons of them! This is my favorite store for home decor. I have about 5 throws around the home. They add warmth and texture to any room and it is so easy to grab one and snuggle up with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Here are a few photos of my throws. I hope you can find some for your home. Enjoy!!!

My throw from Von Maur. It was free with a $35 purchase. Yeah me!

My leopard throw. I found it at a thrift store. 

This throw is in my office over my chair. I love it! I found it at T.J. Maxx.

This throw is in the family room. My step-sons fight over this one. 
It covers the whole body and is so soft. I found it a T.J. Maxx.
I love the blue and white!

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Glitter Heels

I love, love glitter heels! I think they are so much fun and should not be worn just around the holidays! I wear my glitter heels all the time. I especially love wearing them and seeing the little girl's faces! They always stare at my shoes and then look up at me and smile.

I love it! You can really add some sparkle to your outfit. I usually keep my outfit very plain and chic. I will wear a white blouse, black skirt, pearls and then my glitter heels. It looks great and people stop me all the time. If you can't find a pair Ebay is a great place to start.

If you have a pair pull them out and wear them. Remember to always wear your best!

My Adrienne Vittadini glitter heels. I found them on Ebay last year for about $30!

This is my second pair of glitter heels. I purchased these at DSW about 2 years ago.
They are from the Ferglicious line. 

This is my third pair. I found these at DSW but they sold out so I got the name and 
searched for them on Ebay last year and found them!!!

These are my dream glitter heels. These are by Kate Spade.
Fantastic aren't they?

(photos via Mrs. Shockley and google)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Home Tour with Alex Papachristidis

I didn't know much about Alex Papchristidis but after I saw his home tour I wanted to know more! Oh my goodness his home is gorgeous! I now follow him on Instagram and I am learning more about his book The Age of Elegance. Amazon will let you "look inside" for a sneak peek. It is gorgeous! Enjoy the home tour and check out his page. Enjoy!!

Alex's home

Alex's book. I will be getting a copy!

To watch this on your mobile click here.

(all photos via google and video via Quintessence)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Elevator Etiquette

Okay, elevator etiquette is something that I consider to be very important. I work in a skyscraper so I ride an elevator a lot! I always make sure I hold the door open if I see someone coming and I always so hello to the person getting on. I noticed that now with these smart phones no one wants to talk to anyone.

It's rather annoying. Everyone grabs their phone to distract themselves until they get off. What's wrong with talking to people? I like getting on the elevator after dealing with the rude individuals on the road and talking to someone about fashion or decor or just life. It's like a breath of fresh air when someone talks to me on the elevator. I understand that as a safety measure you can't always talk to some people but most of the time we know who we can and who we can't.

Below is a list of rules for elevator etiquette. I saw this on Town and Country and really enjoyed it. Also, watch the video below from author Jennifer L. Scott about etiquette and if you missed my blog entry about other places to be elegant see here  and here . Enjoy!!!

1. Ladies First

2. Zip the Lip (Elevator rides are not meant for cell phone conversations)

3. Move to the back (Move to the back so that everyone can file in an orderly fashion) 

4. Le snack (Don't eat your lunch on the elevator) 

5. Remember there is a camera

6. "Can you hold the door please?"

7. The Exit Strategy (In the back of an elevator and your stop is next? No problem, simply say, "Pardon me, this is my floor".)

8. Plain old pleasant (Use the following pleasantries, "Good Morning"and  "Have a great day". Kindness always makes the world a better place.) 

To watch this on your mobile click here.

(photo via google; video via Daily Connoisseur) 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Always Use Your Best

I am a firm believer in always using the best you have. I always use my best dishes, glasses and other dinnerware. I always use my linen napkins every time we eat dinner.

I use my best vases for flower arrangements. I wear my best shoes on the weekends. I wear my scarves and jewelry on the weekends also! I don't see any point in "saving" things for special occasions. Honestly, you never know if those occasions will come. So use your best and wear your best always.

People, places and things are here to enjoy so enjoy them. Attached are two of my favorite YouTube videos from the The Daily Connoisseur.  I love how Jennifer is a connoisseur of daily living.  Lastly, if you missed my blog entry on wearing your best in the evening see here. Watch the videos and enjoy!

My top from J Crew and real pearl necklace. 
Now most people would save this for the holidays.
Well, I didn't. I like to wear nice things now. 

My blue and white dinnerware. I use it almost everyday for dinner or breakfast.

My glasses I use everyday. My step-sons use them also. 

I like to use nice platters when having dinner also. I found this at the Goodwill.
See my blog entry here about Goodwill shopping. 

To watch "Always Use Your Best" on your mobile click here.
To watch "Portion Control Tip Use China" click here.

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley, videos via the Daily Connoisseur)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Printable Place Cards

I love decorating a table for dinner. I always try to keep it simple so when I read the blog entry for printable place cards from the  Ballard Designs Blog I knew this would be a big hit!

They provide these easy place cards that you can just print out and write on them! The designs are so perfect and it so easy. I definitely will be using these for the holidays. See some great examples below. Enjoy!!

I love this place card from Danielle Rollins. Isn't it gorgeous!

This is a great simple example!

Small flower vases as place cards. Just simple and beautiful!!!

This is one of the printable place cards from the Ballard Designs blog. 

And I just had to add this gorgeous table from James Farmer for Southern Living. 
I just stare at it all the time. Just stunning....

(all photos via Google and my own)

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Store Tours

I love shopping but then again what woman doesn't! It's that time of year where everyone is going to be out and about getting those Christmas lists complete. I have written about a few of my favorite stores on my blog. Below are some of my stores visits. Take a peek at what some of the stores have to offer.

My Store Tours:

(photo via Inslee by Design)