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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vintage Rose ~ A Teacup Boutique

Now this is my kinda of store. For those of you who read my blog you can see that I am a big fan of china! I especially love teacups! I don't know why but I do and Vintage Rose has a lot of them!

This little store is also located in Brown County, Indiana. It's a sweet little boutique that sells hand-painted vintage pieces, vintage jewelry, hats and furniture. I saw about 20 teacups that I wanted! This year I noticed something new. They now sell bottles of room sprays. They smell so good! I purchased 2 of them and a pair of vintage earrings.

The prices are really reasonable. I only paid $10 for my vintage earrings and about $9 for the room sprays. The lady who runs it was so pleasant. Oh my gosh, she was a sweetheart! If you visit Brown County please make sure you stop by and see Vintage Rose. See my photos below. Enjoy!!!

The outside of the shop

Some of the china

Vintage dollies 

They sell artwork

Some of the vintage jewelry

Here are the room sprays. This is the scent called Roses.
It smells just like fresh cut roses. 

This is called Magnolia. It was lovely. 

Blushing Tulips, oh this was one of my favorites. 
But my husband didn't care for it too much

This is what I purchased from the store. 
A bottle of pomegranate and roses room spray & a pair of green vintage earrings.

Once we left Vintage Rose we went to my favorite sweet's store.
I believe it is called "Caramel Corn". 

They sell the best flavored popcorn and caramel covered anything here!
Here they have caramel covered marshmallows and caramel coated bacon!

Here is my favorite treat to get here every year! The granny smith caramel apple!
Oh so good!

Thanks for reading!
(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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