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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Favorite Glassware

I have been on this glassware hunt for sometime now. I wanted some nice, dishwasher safe glasses to use everyday. I was visiting One Kings Lane and I saw these fantastic "bee goblets". Well, at that time I could not purchase them. They were a little steep in price. But that afternoon I went over to T.J. Maxx and what did I find? You guessed it the "bee goblets" for $2.99 a glass!

So I jumped with joy on the inside and quietly took them up front to pay for them. I have been adding glasses here and there to my collection. I am very happy with it so far. My step-son's even use my goblets which I think is fantastic!  So below is my collection of glasses and also check out my China & Transferware Board on Pinterest. It's filled with beautiful inspiration. Enjoy!

My bee goblets. I use these everyday!

My green goblets. My mother in law gave me these. 

All of my glasses and goblets I use. 

These cups are Cynthia Rowley

More Cynthia Rowley items. 

These leaf glasses were a gift from my mother in law 
for my birthday. They come in a set of 16. 

My mother in law was doing some cleaning and decided to give me these also.
I love them! Especially, the detailed handle. So chic!

I love this table. It's from my Pinterest board. 
The glasses are gorgeous!

Now I love these! What I great idea! Mint julep cups....

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Pinterest)

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