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Monday, October 20, 2014

Multiples of Things ~TKW

I mentioned before on here that I loved the book by Ted Kennedy Watson called "Style and Simplicity".  On page 102 he mentioned how he loves "Multiples of Things".  He says the following:

THINK OF STRENGTH IN NUMBERS on this one. A few bowls hung up in a row is pretty, but quite a few bowls hung up in a row is even prettier. Multiples of one type of object are such a strong visual. Think of a fireplace mantel covered with candlesticks. When you use a good number of the same object, the eye looks at the collective whole as one, and you can create a really stunning display of items. Think also of a dining table filled with clear drinking glasses, each glass filled with a tulip. From the simple to the grand, mass a collection together of awesome visual impact.

I couldn't agree more and he is right. When I see multiples of things I do see it as one. How clever! So when I have two or three vases filled with flowers together I no longer feel like it's too much. I feel like this looks really grand.... Thank you Ted!

My blue and white vases at home. 

Ted Kennedy Watson's table. Gorgeous white dahlias!

Another one of Ted's tables! Multiples....

My peony arrangements this past summer. Multiples....

A photo from Ted's store. He even puts all of his items in multiples and it looks splendid!

(all photos via my own and Ted Kennedy

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