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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Current Home Scents

It is getting close to the holidays!! I have to admit, this is my favorite time of the year! The warmth and glow that comes with Thanksgiving and Christmas is just irresistible! Now since it is getting close to those holidays, I always try to make sure that I stock up on my favorite scents at Yankee Candle.

I am a tart fanatic! I love the tarts that Yankee Candle sells. A legal assistant that I use to work with about 10 years ago introduced me to them. The first tart I ever smelled from Yankee Candle was "tulips".

She had it burning in her tart warmer and oh, my!! It was sensational!!! I just had to get some! So ever since then I have been hooked! Now below are a few of my favorites right now. You must try the candles and tarts at Yankee Candle. They are the best!

My favorite for Christmas. It has been discontinued so finding some tarts has been hard. 

This has been a great substitution for Cranberry Peppermint. 
It smells just like candy canes! 

Now even though summer is gone I am still "burning" this in my warmer. 
I love the floral scent in my home.

I love having this in my kitchen. It adds such a sweet and fresh scent. 

Now this is my husband's absolute favorite! He loves this scent and so do I.
It smells just like fresh roses that you receive from the floral shop. 

(all photos via Google)

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