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Monday, September 15, 2014

To Decorate ~ My Dream Job

I love decorating, cleaning, organizing, basically anything to do with making your home life more plentiful. Being a decorator has always been a dream of mine. I hope to someday make it a reality. For the most part I really want to "soak up" anything I can learn from someone who is a decorating.

I am still young and I know there is time but all I do is dream of having a job where beauty is all around me. I posted this about two weeks ago on my facebook page:

I want to be around beauty for a living. I want a career where I can create, observe, & learn about beauty. Whether that be flowers, china, decorating, clothes, accessories, travel or food; I want beauty to be my life. I pray this in Jesus name Amen. ~

I know that prayer isn't respected as much today but I still believe in it and do it. I just want a life where my 9 to 5 is making things beautiful. Creating, putting things together and making beauty, to be working with my hands and imagination instead of staring at paperwork all day and staring at a computer.

If I am staring at a computer I want it to be at paintings, or restaurants, clothing samples something that stirs the heart, will and emotions. I will just continue to have faith that one day this will come to pass. Below is a photo of one of my favorite decorators Bunny Williams and her intern Kelly. I have also included a video from Martha Stewart. It is a video of  interior designer Alexa Hampton and she is giving bedroom decor advice. See here.

Bunny's advice for interns who want to be decorators is :

Advice I give to interns… 
Absorb every part of the business and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Questions show interest.
One anecdote from my own internship experiences… 
I actually never interned. I took the job as a receptionist because I was willing to take anything.
If I could intern anywhere now, I’d intern at…
The New York Botanical Garden, to learn more about gardening.
Ambition is…
The pathway to success!

If you want to see more of this click here.  This article & photo came from the Tory Daily blog. 

My sitting room at home. I am still moving some things around. 
I want to get rid of the pink chair and maybe put a blue and white one there. I need a rug.
And I want to change my large floral arrangement to all white flowers. 

But I love my new curtains. They are Tahari. 

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