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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Small Details Around the Home

Everyone has small items or decor details around their home that makes it their own. It's the little things (I think) that can bring your home together. I am always decorating and changing things in our home all the time.

A friend told me recently that a woman's taste in clothing and home decor changes every 10 years. I thought about it and noticed that for me, well she was right! It has been 10 years since I changed details and furniture in my home and recently I have been on a decor spree!

I have all these ideas for my home but I will take my time in decorating. I have a board on Pinterest called Decor Details. It's like a giant scrapbook page full of small details around the home. I love it! Below are some of my small details around my home. Also, if you missed my blog entry about Vanity Beauty or Homekeeping with a Pet, see here and here. As always, enjoy!

The island in our kitchen. I am starting to decorate with all my fall items.

I found these panels at the flea market. 
I just placed them on our nightstands. I love the way it looks.

My silk flower arrangement. I love it!
It's in our bedroom.

 I love these eggs! They remind me of the Faberge eggs.
T.J. Maxx was selling these years ago so I purchased about 6 of them!
When you open them there is a music box inside. 

I love small luxuries.
 I added a pillow and soft blanket to my chair at my desk for decor and comfort.
The pillow has a little "bling"on it. It's DKNY.

I added this small photo of art to my side of the sink.
I think it adds a little something special.

This little teapot was given to my by my sister-in-law at her bridal shower.
I thought it was a great gift since the party was a tea party.
I have it sitting on my bathtub corner. 

Last but not least my kitchen utensils. I saw Martha Stewart doing this in her kitchen.
She was using pitchers and white canisters to keep her tools in.
I thought it looked organized and sophisticated. 


  1. Hello, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I enjoy small luxurious and being surrounded by beautiful things as well. I also keep my cooking utensils in a white pitcher and I have the same utensil canister. The eggs are beautiful, reminds me of the faberge eggs. I just had a birthday and received a beautiful silver plated coffee set, I saw that you recently purchased a set as well. Looking forward to reading your posts.
    Shery G.

    1. Oh, thank you Shery! I never know if people are reading or not but your kind words let me know that at least someone is out there! Happy Belated Birthday to you also! My birthday is Sunday! Thank you so much for your support!