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Friday, September 12, 2014

My Floral Arrangements at Home & Work

I love having fresh flowers in my home. I think having them around just bring warmth, beauty and elegance to any home. I simply love decorating with them also (see my blog entry here about that). Over the years I try to take pictures of my arrangements. Sometimes I will use them as my screen savers or the wallpaper on my phone.

I just think they are a joy to have and to receive them. I try to make sure I have an arrangement at home or at work. I always tell my co-workers, if we are here 8 hours a day your space should be lovely. So below are some of my bouquets from the last 3 years. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have had in receiving them.

My most recent arrangement from my husband. 
Hydrangeas & lilies... 

Gladiolus at home

Yellow gladiolus at work

I call this my wild flower arrangement

This was my favorite gladiolus arrangement so far this season. 

Pink roses & astromelias

This arrangement was from my husband & I had it at work

Stargazer lilies and gladiolus at home

Another favorite of mine; these are Casablanca lilies and they smelled fantastic!

Tulips on my nightstand beside my bed

Pink tulips at work

Gladiolus and astromelias (I think). I just remember it being terribly cold this day. 

Another winter arrangement. I remember it being around Christmas when I brought 
these to work. It was yellow roses and pine branches. 

Stargazer lilies at home. 

Me with my lavender roses from my husband (last year). 

Roses and lilies at work 

Another delivery from my husband. 

Pink roses and pine branches

Gerber daisies from my husband. This arrangement is from 2011. 

My beautiful lilies from the Floral District in New York

These were spectacular! Yellow roses and from my husband.

And last but certainly not least, my first peony arrangements.
 I was so happy I found these this past spring. I can't wait for next year!


  1. That's a good husband - he's sent lots of beautiful arrangements to you . Like you, I love having fresh flowers around and hydrangeas and peonies are beautiful!

    1. Yes, he knows that I love arrangements! Thank you so much for reading. I also love your instagram & I am following that also!