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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Passion for Plates

I love plates! I love dishes!  I just started last year with buying matching plates for dinner. I saw several designers setting their tables for dinner or parties and I thought, "goodness, I have no nice plates".

So I started my quest at the flea markets and goodwill's. I like old dishes. I have found some of my best plates at the flea market. I have just a small collection below but I am very proud of what I have so far and I use my plates everyday.

I will continue to add to my collection. I have also added a video from designer Bunny Williams. She sets her table beautifully and her new dinnerware collection is lovely. Enjoy!

My plates. I use the white and the blue and white plates everyday!
I found my blue and white bowl at T.J. Maxx and my other floral bowl at the thrift store. 

The stripe plate and the floral plate are from the Martha Stewart Collection.
The small plate with the green flowers is from France.  

My Martha Stewart Collection setting. I love it! My good friend gave me the entire set!

I love this giant bowl. It has a chip at the top but it is still functional. 

I thought these were so pretty. This set came from T.J. Maxx.

This crystal plate I found at the thrift store for $12!

Setting A Table with Bunny Williams - YouTube

(click on the link to enjoy the video)

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