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Monday, August 25, 2014

Vegetable Centerpieces & Arrangements

I have really become fascinated with vegetable centerpieces lately. I recently saw an asparagus centerpiece on the cover of Ted Kennedy Watson's book Style and Simplicity. I thought "how beautiful" using vegetables to make arrangements.

The prices on vegetables aren't bad either. So you can have an interesting and healthy arrangement in your home for a cheap price. I recently had an arrangement that had cabbage in it and I just loved it! It made the arrangement look so rich and vibrant. Below is some inspiration on vegetable centerpieces. I hope they inspire you to try out these wonderful items from the garden. Enjoy!

Candles wrapped in asparagus and ribbon

Kale and peonies

Radishes cut into flowers. Splendid...

An eggplant in the center; very different.

Asparagus & tulips

Ted Kennedy Watson's book Style and Simplicity
A Guide to Living a More Beautiful Life
I have a copy and it is absolutely wonderful!!!

(all photos via Pinterest and Ted Kennedy

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