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Friday, August 1, 2014

Using Cloth Napkins at Home

I have been adding small but elegant lifestyle changes to my life. I have always loved using dishes instead of paper plates. I love drinking out of glasses instead of plastic cups. There is nothing wrong with using paper dishware but for me I just want to use my nice things everyday.

I hate the motto of "saving things" for later. Why? Later may never come. So why not use your beautiful dishes now. Why not drink out of glasses now? What is wrong with using nice things everyday? Since when are we not good enough?

Well, we are. So I have been using my things everyday. I have now moved onto napkins. I have been reading Style & Simplicity by Ted Kennedy Watson for the last few weeks. It is absolutely inspiring! In the chapter called "Dish Towels" he mentioned using good quality dish towels as napkins. I thought what a great idea! He mentioned that his favorite were Le Jacquard Francais dish towels from France.

I have been buying mine from the local flea market. They are wonderful. I have now placed them in a basket on the counter so that after I prepare our plates for dinner we get into the habit of grabbing a linen napkin instead of a paper towel. I love using them and so does my daughter.

My linen napkins at home; ready for dinner

Having dinner with cloth napkins. It's a small but great luxury. 

I am now in the habit of using my beautiful vases for weekly fresh flowers. 
It's nice having them at the table for dinner. 

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