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Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Visit to Rockefeller Center

Visiting the Rockefeller Center was a challenge for me because I knew that my husband wanted to go to the top; I just didn't want to join him! I am very afraid of heights but I knew that I needed to take advantage of this opportunity because who knows when it would come again.

So I knuckled up and said okay! I also wanted to be brave because my 9 year old daughter is frightened of heights too!  So we went in and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! Oh, it was high, terribly high but I am glad that I faced my fear and went to the top.

I did enjoy looking at all of New York! The views up there are one of a kind. If you are thinking of visiting New York definitely add the Rockefeller Center to your list! Here are some photos below of our visit. Also check out the Rockefeller Center tour and explore website. It could help you with making plans for your visit. Enjoy!

The outside of Rockefeller Center

The garden outside the building

As soon as you walk in you will see this painting. It is very interesting...

This giant chandelier is inside the center. It is gorgeous!

This is the view from the upper deck at the top floor.

Now this is from outside the building. This was scary but beautiful.
You can see Central Park from here!

Another view from outside on the upper deck. The Empire State Building. Wow....

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