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Monday, July 7, 2014

Preparing for Guests ~ Guest Rooms

I have to admit it when I know we are having house guests I get kind of excited. I love having people spend time at our home. It doesn't happen quite often but when it does I try to make sure each guest is comfortable.

So below is my go to list:

This list has been so helpful to me. It is from Real I hope these pointers can be helpful to you and also watch the How to Decorate a Beautiful Guest Room from the Martha Stewart Show with guest designer Bunny Williams! It is Fantastic! Enjoy!

Make sure your guest have supplies

Fresh towels for your guests

Nightstand and water ready 

Reading materials ready

Gather extra blankets and pillows

Make sure the bathroom is clean and stocked

Make sure the fridge is stocked and ready for delicious meals

(all photos courtesy of Martha

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