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Friday, July 4, 2014

Blue and White Dinnerware

Blue and white dinnerware has been on my brain since I first saw it on the Enchanted Home. Then one of the women I follow on Youtube did a video on her entire Spode collection of blue and white dinnerware. Once I saw that I was hooked!

I take a trip to the flea market every Friday after work. I have had my eye out on a few things. This past Friday I found some blue and white plates. I went home without purchasing them that night and could not stop thinking about them. So Saturday morning I got up and took my daughter with me. I was going to go back and get those plates!

Luckily they were still there. Yeah me! I have used them already and I love them. The look of blue and white decor is so sophisticated and chic! For me it takes you back in time. The texture and the colors just go so well together. There is a richness to the combination.

Below are some photos of my plates that I purchased at the flea market. Also, there is the Youtube video from Trina Leavers. She has a fantastic blue and white Spode collection! Lastly, visit the Enchanted Home website. It is utterly beautiful! Enjoy!

My table set for dinner

My plates; I purchased 4 for $4.99 each!

They are called the Currier & Ives "Harvest" collection. 
The are made in England 

Peonies in vases; just gorgeous!

The Enchanted Home

Michelle Nussbaumer, interior designer

(Click on the link to watch the video)

(all photos from Pinterest and myself)

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