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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Antiques We Should Collect

I have been told that I have an "old soul". Even as a teenager I never really dressed like the other girls in my school. When I moved out and got my own apartment I felt so free. I was free to try any decor I wanted without any criticism.

So I knew I wanted antiques for some reason but I didn't know what to collect or why. Over the years I have gone to a few antique shops and watched a few shows on antiques.  So for me it has been a learning process.

Recently, I read an article from the Huffington Post called "The 7 Best Things to Buy Vintage (& 3 to Skip). It was so helpful. I printed off the list and put in my binder. What I also noticed is that I have already purchased 5 items off the list! I was so proud of myself!

The list of vintage pieces to buy is art, wooden furniture, dishware, glasses, tablecloths, vases and silverware. The 3 items to skip were light fixtures that haven't been updated, "free" upholstered furniture and appliances you can't test out first.

I loved this list and encourage you to go and read it. The link is above. I have also included a video from the Antiques Roadshow called "What We Should Collect". I really loved the video it was helpful. So good luck on your vintage finds and I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Here is my painting that I purchased from the flea market this year. 
It is from 1983 so I got the "art" part completed from the list. 

Here is our dinning room table. It is all wood. 
So I completed the "wooden furniture" part from the list. 

Here is my vintage champagne bucket that I purchased. 
This is number 6 on the list. 

My blue and white vintage plates. This is number 3 on the list.

Antiques Roadshow | What We Should Collect - YouTube

(click on the link to watch the show)

(all photos taken by Mrs. Shockley)

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