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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Puppies & Sunday Lunch

We have a boxer named "Bishop". We have had him for about 2 years now. He is my baby! I love my boxer. Well, we recently bred him with a female boxer and they had about 8 puppies. One died because of complications but the other 7 are doing quite well.

The family of the female boxer has invited us out to see the puppies a few times now. We have enjoyed watching them grow. Below are some photos from our recent visit. Enjoy!

The family's home. Isn't it beautiful.......

The drive there..... not in the city

Look at all this space! The boxers have all this room to run!

The backyard. Soy beans are growing behind their home. 

My husband holding one of the gorgeous puppies!

Oh, he is feisty! He did not want a photo!

Me holding my favorite one... Isn't he cute?

More puppies

They fed us a great simple lunch! It was pulled pork sandwiches, alfredo macaroni with broccoli,
green beans, salad, and corn on the cob! It was wonderful!

Last but not least homemade cheese cake with homemade blueberry sauce.
Oh, gosh it was to die for!

This couple has a fantastic catering company called OnSiteCaterer. Please check out their facebook page. Their food is delicious!!!

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Monday, July 21, 2014

On Vacation ~ New York City 2014

Hello all, my family and I are going to be on vacation this week. It will be a short one but I am so excited to be going to New York City!! The last time we were there was in 2007 and my husband and I were attending a two-day wedding. We didn't get to visit much of the city but from what we did see New York is just splendid!

Now we have about 5 days there and we are hoping to do more sight-seeing of the city. I will post whatever we see and do upon my return. Until then........ enjoy your week everyone!

I am hoping to visit Laduree in New York 

I want to see the Floral District

And of course the Statue of Liberty

(all photos via google)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Coach Handbags

I love this season's new summer handbags. One of my favorite designers is Coach. Their bags are affordable and are made of great quality. I have about 5 leather Coach bags. One thing I love about Coach is their repair policy. They will repair any bag of theirs no matter where you purchased it for free!

I recently sent a bag there for repair. I purchased it last year from Von Maur and one of the straps began to tear. I went to the Coach store downtown in my city and they sent it off with no problem for repair. It took about 6 weeks but it was worth it because they put new hardware on my entire bag!!

I was so excited to have my bag back and that Coach stands behind their products. As long as they keep making fantastic designs and continue with the customer service, they will always have a fan! Below are my Coach bags and a few of my new favorites from this season. Enjoy!!! 

I sold this a few months ago. 

My pink Coach diaper/laptop tote

This season's new Baby Bag Tote from Coach

My favorite; I would love to get this in all 5 colors!

(all photos are my own and

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Antiques We Should Collect

I have been told that I have an "old soul". Even as a teenager I never really dressed like the other girls in my school. When I moved out and got my own apartment I felt so free. I was free to try any decor I wanted without any criticism.

So I knew I wanted antiques for some reason but I didn't know what to collect or why. Over the years I have gone to a few antique shops and watched a few shows on antiques.  So for me it has been a learning process.

Recently, I read an article from the Huffington Post called "The 7 Best Things to Buy Vintage (& 3 to Skip). It was so helpful. I printed off the list and put in my binder. What I also noticed is that I have already purchased 5 items off the list! I was so proud of myself!

The list of vintage pieces to buy is art, wooden furniture, dishware, glasses, tablecloths, vases and silverware. The 3 items to skip were light fixtures that haven't been updated, "free" upholstered furniture and appliances you can't test out first.

I loved this list and encourage you to go and read it. The link is above. I have also included a video from the Antiques Roadshow called "What We Should Collect". I really loved the video it was helpful. So good luck on your vintage finds and I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Here is my painting that I purchased from the flea market this year. 
It is from 1983 so I got the "art" part completed from the list. 

Here is our dinning room table. It is all wood. 
So I completed the "wooden furniture" part from the list. 

Here is my vintage champagne bucket that I purchased. 
This is number 6 on the list. 

My blue and white vintage plates. This is number 3 on the list.

Antiques Roadshow | What We Should Collect - YouTube

(click on the link to watch the show)

(all photos taken by Mrs. Shockley)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cursive Writing ~ A Dying Art

A few years back my husband was attending his younger son's parent teacher conference. During the discussion about the classroom rules and the year's subjects my husband learned that they would NO longer be teaching cursive writing.

I thought to myself how dumb is that! The teacher said that since everything is computerized writing would not be necessary. Hearing that really made me sad. If children do not know how to write in cursive then how in the world are they going to sign their credit card slips and mortgages?

So since the schools are no longer teaching that I decided to teach my daughter on my own. I went on the internet and printed off some cursive writing material and I have been having her practice. She is getting much better at it.

I loved learning how to write in cursive. I couldn't wait to learn in school. I loved it so much that other girls would have me write their "love letters" to their boyfriends. It was fun but cursive writing for me added more beauty to my work. Teachers always complimented me on my writing as well as my assignments.

I still like writing hand written notes to people. I just hate that it's not being taken seriously. I read somewhere that cursive writing awakens the creative part of the brain and believe you me some of our kids need it!

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog entry on "Penmanship" from Ted Kennedy Watson's  blog. It was absolutely fantastic and inspired me to write this blog entry. You must read it. Another place that I "subscribed" to on my Instagram is Word of the Day.  They post a word, definition and use it in a sentence. It is great! We will be in the car and I will read the word of the day and ask my daughter about it. It's another way to incorporate vocabulary into our lives. So please continue to write and teach your kids the importance of cursive writing!

This is one of the worksheets that I am using for my daughter.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Aerin Lauder ~ Home Tour

I am becoming a huge fan of Aerin Lauder. If you don't know who she is (which you should the last name is a dead give away) she is the granddaughter of the legendary Estee Lauder. Estee along with her husband Joseph were co-founders of the eponymous cosmetics company Estee Lauder Companies.

Aerin has started a luxury lifestyle brand for the home. I love the home decor! It is absolutely stunning! She uses gold in most of her pieces and believes that gold and leopard print are neutrals. I could not have agreed with her more.

Aerin's new book Beauty at Home is an imitate look into the decorating world of Aerin. The book is an inspiring account of what it means to live beautifully. The cosmetics line is chic and simple and the home decor still has a sense of old world glam to me. I love looking at the website and I look forward to getting my very own copy of Beauty at Home.

So enjoy the photos below and watch the "At Home in the Hamptons with Susanna Salk and Aerin Lauder" video. It is from Quintessence Lifestyle Blog by Stacey Bewkes. It is a home tour of Aerin's home. They also do a little of shopping at the South Hampton store and dine Al fresco! You will enjoy the video. The home is so elegant and inspiring and Aerin is so gracious and kind. Enjoy!

Aerin Lauder

One of the rooms in Aerin's home

The leopard sofa she purchased from Paris and had the print added

Blue and white arrangements inspired by Aerin

Aerin's home

Aerin's perfume line 

Cosmetics collection

Her new book

At Home in the Hamptons with Susanna Salk and ... - YouTub

(click on the link to watch the video)

(all photos via google)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Career Contessa

We are in a time and era where women are free to be who they want. I think it's a great time for women to try new things and to be the best they can at it. There are so many resources for women now and so many opportunities.

I don't know how I found this website but I did. It's called Career Contessa.  Career Contessa is an online website that provides a platform for career driven women. They showcase the careers of successful women and provide the steps as to how she was able to accomplish her goal.

The website is so inspirational and so are the stories. I look forward to the facebook posts every week. I love reading the stories of how each successful woman created a plan and how she implemented that plan.

I encourage you to go and visit Career Contessa. It is a lovely site full of inspiration, direction and information for to you succeed in your career.

Lauren McGoodwin
Founder and Editor in Chief 

A Career Contessa feature:

Caitlin Moran