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Friday, June 27, 2014

Simply Summer Hats

It's that time of the year where big floppy hats are great accessories to have! I have to admit I love the big Kentucky Derby hats that are wore to that great event.

Summer hats come in all shapes, colors and styles. I am a big fan of the big southern hats. I think I have a large head so I feel that those types of hats compliment me well. 

I took a short visit to Steinmart recently and found a few hats there. The selection was great and the prices are fair. I believe that every woman should have her "favorite" hat. No matter what your style is a hat and scarf are must have accessories for your wardrobe. Read my blog post about my Hermes scarf here. Below are a few hats that I found at Target and Steinmart!

Lastly, watch the video I have below from Southern Living. It is a video of the celebrities at the Kentucky Derby Red Carpet event. The derby hats are fabulous! Enjoy!

Please excuse this horrid selfie! I normally do not take photos with my 
phone in the picture but no one was around to take my photo. I loved this
hat at Steinmart. It was Ninewest and the price was $24.99!

The hats at Steinmart. The prices started at $24.99!

The Merona Striped Floppy Hat. It is $11.99 at Target!

This is me in my black floppy hat I purchased at New York and Company 
a few years ago. 

This hat comes in 10 different colors!

Polka dot hat at Nordstrom

I loved this hat at the Kentucky Derby in 2012

Click on the link below to watch the Kentucky Derby Red Carpet Event

Kentucky Derby Red Carpet | Triple Crown-Worthy Momen

(all photos from Google and my own)

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