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Friday, June 6, 2014

One Kings Lane

I first learned about One Kings Lane in 2011 from the Martha Stewart Show. The show was about entrepreneurship and how to start an online business. It was a great show. I learned about how to make business connections and in the process learned about a fantastic online decor site.

One Kings Lane is an online store where shoppers can purchase designer home decor for a discount. You can purchase items for up to 70% off of the retail price and the sales usually have a window of only 72 hours. So once the 72 hours is up the items are gone!

I get an email daily from One Kings Lane letting me know about all their current shopping sales. They sell everything from home decor to traveling accessories. I remember a few months back they had a vintage accessories auction going on. I went and took a peek and it had vintage Hermes bags, Hermes scarves, Christian Dior earrings,  Chanel bags, vintage earrings, and jewelry!

That auction was one of my favorites. Though I could not afford anything on the auction it sure was enjoyable to look at. Below are some of the items that have been sold on the website. I would encourage you to visit their site. It is absolutely fantastic! They also have a channel on Youtube. Below is the show from Martha Stewart also. Enjoy!

(Copy and past link in your url to watch)

(all pictures are from One Kings Lane)

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