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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hatch Collection- Chic Clothing for Expecting Women

Hatch is a company that has created a wardrobe for expecting women that is for before, during and after pregnancy. Ariane Goldman, founder of the company, believes that women should feel beautiful and confident through all of life's journeys.

I certainly wish I had more options a few years ago. My daughter is 9 and during that time I could hardly find anything chic or beautiful. I remember going into some of the maternity stores at that time and thinking, "This stuff is hideous"!

Now I see all kinds of beautiful clothing for expecting mothers. Another great option is Target's maternity collection. Everything is gorgeous and affordable. So take a look at Hatch's website or visit Target for your search in beautiful maternity clothing. Also, watch the "Staying Chic While Expecting" video by Jennifer L. Scott from the Daily Connoisseur. Be chic!

You can take this box to the hospital with you to make sure
you look chic and feel luxurious. 

Only $27.99 at Target 

Only $49.99 at Target, my favorite I am tempted to buy it (not preggo). 

Only $34.99 at Target 

(click on the link to watch the video)

(all photos from Hatch and

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