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Friday, June 6, 2014

Elegant Quotes

I simply love reading quotes from individuals about elegance. Whenever I do find them I like to "soak" them up. Elegance and femininity is so easy to accomplish. Even if you just wear a basic white shirt, jeans and flats to run errands with a set of simple pearls. That is elegant to me. 

When someone says, "How are you today" and you say, "I am well instead of "I'm good". That is elegant to me. When you have a fresh bouquet of flowers that only cost you $8 sitting on a table in your home, that is elegant to me. 

There are so many simple gestures to do in life to add simplicity and elegance. I believe that it is so easy to accomplish. Below are a few quotes that I found online at Brainy regarding elegance. I hope you enjoy them. 

“Simplicity and elegance can go hand in hand. You sometimes see someone effortlessly chic and that to me is elegance.” - Carolina Herrera

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