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Monday, June 30, 2014

Elegant Gestures We Love

This past weekend I was at the grocery store picking up a few items and looking at some magazines. While waiting I started to skim through the current issue of Real Simple. I stumbled on an article called "What Polite Gesture Never Fails to Impress You?"  This article was such a delight to read! It was absolutely splendid!

Readers of Real Simple mentioned little acts of kindness that individuals did that added grace notes to each day. The comments came from all over the country and I was just so happy to read that some people still appreciate a little grace, elegance and kindness in their lives.

Here were a few of my favorites:

Navigating through heavy traffic is never pleasant. So little acts of kindness make a difference. In particular, I love it when someone gives me the “thanks” wave for letting him merge in front of me. Being acknowledged helps remind me that other cars are not just barriers in my path. We’re all just people trying to get somewhere.
Kristin Allender
Long Beach, California
( I do this whenever I am merging. People do appreciate it.)

After using the sink in a public restroom, a friend of mine wipes down the wet counter with a paper towel. Ever since I first saw her do this, I’ve followed her example.
Jenifer Sako
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(I do this everyday even at home)

A lot of people say, “What?” or “Huh?” when they fail to hear or understand you. I appreciate it when someone says, “Pardon?” or “Excuse me?” instead. These words are kinder and less terse, which makes me feel more comfortable repeating myself.
Olivia Batty
New York, New York
( I need to work on this. I say "huh" sometimes. Not ladylike)

And lastly, 

If I’m waiting in a grocery-store checkout line to buy one or two items, I’m always grateful when the customer in front of me allows me to go ahead of him. It’s astonishing when a stranger is observant enough to notice me and patient enough not to mind delaying his own checkout.
Jaclyn Sharpe
Downington, Pennsylvania
(I've always done this. I noticed that when I do it for others it is done for me when I need to get ahead.)

I encourage you to go to Real and read this article. These gestures are still needed and desired in our chaotic lives. So I will make sure that I continue adding "grace notes" to other people's lives. Also just in case you missed it read my blog entry about gestures a woman should never do. It's from the book called "A Guide to Elegance". Enjoy! 

(Giving someone the "courtesy wave" when merging)

(Wiping down the sink when you finish in the public bathroom)

(My favorite but not on the list, sending flowers)

(photos via google)


  1. So ironic you mentioned this. I just noticed recently how I say 'huh' instead of 'ma'am or sir' when I don't understand someone. Definitely something I need to work on, too!

    1. Me too Mechelle! I am still working on that one. I can take a while to get out of your system!