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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elegant Baby Shower Ideas & Checklist

I love throwing baby showers! It's another fun way to celebrate with friends and family. Last year my brother had his first baby and I was so thrilled to host the shower. There are so many ideas out there. Martha Stewart has a great baby shower website and so does Style Me Pretty. Below is the checklist I use when planning a baby shower.

*  Set the Date
*  Pick a Host
*  Send invitations
*  Pick a theme
*  Choose a menu
*  Pick a drink (if you choose)
*  Pick out games
*  Get gift list together (make sure the soon to be mom is registered)
*  Get a baby memory book (I love these!)
*  Encourage everyone to get a book for the nursery library (if you choose to do so)
*  Pick up party favors for guests

Baby shower games are always a fun way to get people to communicate and have fun. Below is one example. These are so easy to find on the internet. I found this game on Baby Shower Savvy.

Here are some more baby shower ideas and inspiration. I hope it inspires you to throw a simple elegant shower for your loved you. Enjoy!

The "Girl" Baby Shower that I hosted for my brother. 

More pictures from the "girl" baby shower. 

Shower favors I gave to each guest. I saw this idea on Pinterest.
Pink polish, easy and fantastic!

This is from the "Boy" shower that I hosted for my cousin. 

More photos from the "Boy"shower. 

Nautical cookies

Oh my to host a shower here, just fantastic!

Everyone wrote ideas for the mom to be.

I just loved her maternity dress. It is so chic!

A glamorous place for mommy to sit. 

"B" for baby, just gorgeous.

Using a dresser to display table place seating cards, genius!

Gorgeous tulips 

Petals on candle vases, simple and beautiful

Baby cupcakes

Also, please click on the link below and watch the Youtube video from Vera Bradley. The shower was hosted by The Tomkat Studio. It has great ideas also!

Vera Bradley Baby Shower by The TomKat Studio - YouTube

(photos from, & my own)


  1. It looks like you did such a beautiful job - those cupcakes have to be the prettiest things I have seen for a baby shower!

    xo Mary Jo

    1. Oh, thank you so much Mary! My family was on such a short budget so we did the best we could. Thank you again!