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Monday, June 9, 2014

April Cornell~ Vintage Inspired

I stumbled on this company April Cornell a few weeks ago while reading some of my favorite blogs. April sells vintage clothing, home decor and linens. Her company seems to be inspired by the 1940's which is one of my favorite decades!

The fashion and home decor was so simple and functional back then. The women dressed nice everyday and so did the children. It was a time when people took honor in the way they looked and families had sense of love and devotion for one another.

Please visit her site and let it take you back in time with a little kick to it! There is so much that her company offers. They have nightwear, skirts, pants, bridal dresses, dresses and plus sizes! There is a girls section, baby, linens & kitchen, home decor, accessories, and the Ladies Attic.

Now in the Ladies Attic section every thing is half off! Also, there is the April's Attic Sale where more treasures have been discounted for everyone! I really enjoyed visiting her site and I intend on buying some of the kitchen linens, one of the aprons and who knows what else! There are so many goodies in her store!

Lastly, April has a channel  on Youtube. Go and watch some of her videos about her products. Enjoy!

Ladies Coral Dress (one of my favorites)


(photos via April

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